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Business carried by PT Panca Manpowerindo

1Relining Ball Mill dan Relining SAG Mill
2Change Out brake caliper
3Change Out Screen as per configuration
4Repair pant leg chute
5Change out feed chute
6Digging of steel ball
7Change out lifter bar
8Install feed chute / FE Trunion
9Repair tramp chute
10Change out sand wheel bolts
11Inspect/repair head chute cylinder
12Change out screen panel
13Inspect / repair head chute cylinder
14Change out screen as per configuration
15Recharger brake accumulators
16Inspect/repair gear spray manifold
17Blow out clutch
18Daily PM Line
19Repair pant leg chute
20Repair Tramp Chute
21C/O Sand Wheel Bolts
22Repair tramp chute
23Maintenance Dewatering Pump Area
24Maintenance Mining Crusher
25Joint HDPE pipe
26Release Mantle Crusher
27Replace V Belt Crusher
28Replace motor mill
29Eletrician to install weightometer
30Inspect, maintain, repair conveyor
31Recondition rock breaker
32Install air valve decant water line TSF
33Fabricate reducer carbon steel eccentric
34Fabricate and Install Handrail platform
35Install Electrical pump
36Install hosing
37Rigger for lifting job
38Fabrication SMBS Hopper
39Install Wall isulation
40Fabricate Underpan launder
41Fabricate Rem container
42Modification Oxy Sparger
43C/O head chute cylinder
44C/O Feed Chute
45C/O head chute cylinder
46Inspect/repair head chute cylinder
47C/O Screen as per configuration
48Inspect/repair gear spray manifold
49Blow out clutch
50Daily PM Line
51C//O Oil Filter, Air Filter & Oil.
52Change out Crusher liner
53Relining Ball Mill ( Poly-Met Mill Linings )
54Install water pipe, slurry pipe
55Install valves
56Inspect / replace cyclones
57Install / replace wet end slurry pump
58Install/ replace HDPE water line & slurry line
59Install and Dismantle Concave
60Inspect, fabricate, install Sagmill lube steel structure
61Scaffolder for scaffolding tank job
62Install launder pan
63Fabrication Ring feeder
64Electrician for bore hole
65Welder for job undersize carbon line hopper
66Install housing point, CIL screen
67Reroute tail line at TSF valve distribution area
68Instalation SMBS Tank and Platform
69Supply material platform and fabrication for SMBS tank, Demolish Old platform and install new platform.
70Install air pipe line and water pipeline
71Joint header spigot
72Reline Ball mill with Polycorp liner configuration
73Reline Ball mill with Growth asia liner configuration
74Reline Ball mill with Metso liner configuration
75Reline SAG Mill with Bradken configuration
76Reline SAG Mill with ME configuration
77Reline SAG Mill with GA Configuration
78Install and Dismantle Feederline